21 years in the making….and now it’s gone!
A warning to everyone attending and exhibiting at model shows. 

Bugle Call 2021 was an enjoyable and successful show but ended on a rather sour note. Jim Dew and I had figures stolen from our stand. Jim lost a figure that he made of the late Peter Sturgeon in No1 Dress as part of our tribute display. I lost my 54mm mounted Samurai, converted from the Andrea foot figure. Yes the one that I wrote the article about and took 21 years to complete.  Both these figures had a lot of emotional value, never mind the hours put into their creation, so Jim and I are pretty gutted.  Jim also had a figure stolen from our stand at the recent BMSS Nats/Interbranch in Reading. 
It would appear we have a thief in our midst, who is targeting displays at shows.  We only have about 4/5 active members, who were all involved in various aspects of running the show and competitions, so there were times when the stand was unattended.  This is just a warning to everyone who exhibits at model shows, not to leave your stand unattended and to pay particular attention to anyone hovering about that you do not know. 
I am not going to let this thief win. I am going to make another one, better this time. Don’t think I have 21 years left though, so better get a move on this time!
Pictures of the stolen items are shown below and I would appreciate you getting in touch if you see these items for sale or on display, although I don’t hold out much hope for recovery. Jims mounted figure that was taken at the Nats/Interbranch was similar to that below, but was a trumpeter on a white horse. 
Kind regards, Bob Orr, Area Rep BMSS Bristol Area