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                   Sunday 26th November 2023  Nailsea School, “The Link”

                 Mizzymead Road, Nailsea, North Somerset BS48 2HN

                                              FREE PARKING!
                                            10.00am - 4.30pm

                       Adults £5, Children under 12  £2, Senior £4, Family £9

                                                           Traders Attending : 

    2 D Figureines, 3D Gizmo, Chippy,  DF Military Figures, Diddy Miniatures, Elan 13, Form-u-Lay,

Inside the Armour,  Jackhill Models, Mr Models, M T Miniatures, Carlos Miniatures, NameIt, TFB Miniatures, The PIt Gaming Company,  Treehouse Models,

Wild West Arts and Crafts.

                            Some Photos from Bugle Call 2022. click on photos


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